Welcome to Ranjana Group of Companies

To meet the requirements of chemicals and minerals, we Ranjana Minerals & Chemical Industries, were established in 2010. Since our inception, we have remained committed towards meeting and exceeding our clients expectations with quality assured and cost effective products. Acquisition of immense knowledge and rich expertise have taken us to impressive levels of one of the leading suppliers in this competitive domain. Through clear objectives and strategies, we have maintained our position by producing high quality and effective chemicals and minerals such as Soapstone Powder,soap stone lumps purified talcum powder, Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC), Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC), etc.
Over the years, we have grown to meet the new challenges of the market through product development, intensive research and development, continuous process improvements, and a commitment to high quality standards. Owing to our concerns to serve quality and value for money, we are dedicated to achieve total customer satisfaction through the competitive value of quality products and services, on-time deliveries, and the integrity of a total quality system that promotes continuous improvement in our services and operations.


Competitive Price

Along with supreme quality we offer our products at competitive prices.


Quality Products

We are passionate about accomplishing the top standard of quality products.


Customer Satisfaction

When it is about Clients, it’s our priority. We are just a call away.

RMCI (Ranjana Overview)

  • Established in 2010, RMC is engaged in the manufacturing & trading of talcum powder, used in Cosmetics, Toiletries, Aerosols & home care products. We have successfully built up a strong network across India, to market our services and products, through a professional core sales and marketing team. Having established ourselves in India, we are now in the process of venturing into International markets.
  • Presently, we have a market share of roughly 20% in India and are determined to double this in the coming five years.
  • The driving force at RMC, is to understand Consumer needs in a fiercely competitive market and ensure we drive our business forward using this very Consumer centric approach through improved technology and product innovation.
  • Since our inception, we have remained committed to meeting and exceeding our clients expectations with quality assured yet cost effective products and services, on-time deliveries and integrity
  • Over the years, we have grown to meet the new challenges of an ever changing market through product development, intensive research and continuous process improvement
  • Adhering to rigorous procedures and standards, our state-of-the-art production facilities & highly skilled personnel, have helped us maintain our consistency in providing quality products and services.
  • Our laboratories are well equipped. Powder properties are measured regularly depending upon the parameters required by our customers.
  • A competent team of R&D personnel can understand customer needs and hence, recommend the right product tailor made to their requirements.

Ranjana Cosmo Chemicals (RCC)

  • RANJANA COSMO CHEMICALS (RCC), is involved in Distribution, Import, Export, Trading & Manufacturer of Chemicals.
  • This chemical Trading Company started in 2006 and is now a multiproduct, multi facility organization, with a clear goal and vision to expand and achieve sustainable growth
  • After gaining expertise in Trading & Distribution of Chemicals, we started importing specific chemicals to improve our product quality & cost effectiveness. In order to push this initiative further, we began assisting with the manufacturing of products, through reliable manufacturers in the industry. This helped build our image of being a reliable supplier, delivering Quality products at a competitive price, tailor made to ones requirements.
  • Recently, we have also started exporting various inorganic products to companies in the Middle East, Africa & Germany.
  • In short, we can proudly claim to be a technology-focussed company with high investment in R&D, offering excellent technical service and customized products – a partnership approach, providing solutions that make sense.