Our Quality

The quality of RMCI Talc is ensured by a two tier quality management system. Systematic sampling of ore and talc powder is done from time to time. These samples are analyzed for complete mineralogical and chemical composition. Our vast experience and the huge database collected over the years boosts our customer’s confidence in our talc. Our talc is regularly analyzed for elements which are of importance to our customers. Whiteness, which is a very important criterion for most of our customers, is controlled regularly. Whiteness, brightness and color characterization of our talc is done in-house on ultra-modern equipment.

Our Laboratories

Our laboratories are well equipped for various aspects of powder characterization. Powder properties are measured regularly depending upon the parameters required by our customers. We have a competent team of R&D personnel who can understand the customers’ needs, thereby enabling us to not only recommend the right product to our customers, but to also produce tailor made products, if required. We are always keen to interact with our customers to produce better products for them progressively.

Grinding & Packing

From the mines, the talc ore is brought to our grinding units in Uttaranchal and stored in well-managed ore-yards. The ore is washed and dried to eliminate any unwanted material adhering to it. To maintain high quality and consistency in the end-product, the ore is again dressed and sorted by experienced and skilled manpower.
Talc is a natural mineral and requires constant vigilance and pre-processing to produce an uniform end-product. Ore received from mines is analyzed for whiteness and important elements of chemical composition from time to time. Thereafter, the ore is blended to achieve the exact desired properties and stored in feed silo for further processing.
The blended ore is then ground to the desired particle size distribution. The talc powder is conveyed to bagging machines where it is packed and sent to the loading point.